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Being Part Of The Begbies Traynor Group We Are Well Positioned To Support Accountancy Firms.

At Real Business Rescue, and our sister company Begbies Traynor we offer a bespoke advisory service to Accountants and other Professionals who occasionally require assistance for their clients in matters of corporate insolvency and business rescue.

By utilising our services we believe Accountants can provide their clients with a more reliable informative service and helping to where possible avoid insolvency proceedings.

Real Business Rescue and Begbies Traynor specialise in assisting businesses in difficulty. We regularly provide advice on all types of corporate insolvency procedures including pre-pack administrations, liquidations and company voluntary arrangements as well as advising on all personal insolvency procedures including bankruptcy and individual voluntary arrangements.

Our insolvency practitioners are well versed in the most up to date rescue methods, and are capable of recommending a suitable plan of action that will let you retain your client by helping their business become solvent.

What is Included with this Service?

Our Accountant Support services are comparable to having an in-house insolvency expert at your firm; we help you analyse and assess your client’s situation and then give you guidance as to how you can assist them most effectively. You’ll be able to contact us (via email or phone) at any time to make enquiries about any matters related to business rescue.

If your clients are having trouble paying PAYE and VAT arrears we can help you reschedule their payments by negotiating terms with HM Revenue and Customs. In certain circumstances we have found that the involvement of Begbies Traynor as an insolvency and rescue practitioner in time to pay negotiations can be helpful, and can give the HMRC a third party unconnected view of the viability of the business and the likely success of the time to pay offer being made.

We can also offer advice regarding due diligence, administration, management consulting, voluntary arrangements, LPA receivership, and independent business reviews.

We have an internal department which specialises where necessary and where instructed to assist businesses with finance raising issues such as factoring and invoice discounting as well as bank funding and equity funding. However this is only ever provided to clients requesting the service.  

What are the Most Notable Benefits?

With the ability to consult with qualified insolvency practitioners you can take your accounting capabilities up a level and significantly increase your client satisfaction and retention rates. Furthermore, we simplify your task by eliminating the difficulty of having to research insolvency topics that you’re not yet familiar with. This service is not only beneficial for accountants; it also provides obvious advantages to investors, advisors, and directors.

How Much does it Cost?

The cost of our support will depend on a variety of factors, so we ask that you contact us with details about you support needs and we can begin a free consultation process to determine an ideal service package. There is no fee for the support we provide whether via meetings or telephone advice. The only fees we would charge would be on an individual insolvency or turnaround basis and this would be agreed with you and the client before any work was undertaken to ensure transparency.

We pride ourselves in offering reasonable competitive fees consummate to the service and advice provided. 

We always ensure that we instruct the Accountant in question where possible to help in the preparation of the financial information required to provide the advice we give, and ensure the client remains your client after the service we provide has been finalised.

If you’d like know more about our company’s background and offerings, please visit the ‘About Us’ page. 

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