UK Construction Sector Facing ‘Unprecedented Challenges’ After Brexit Vote

Friday 24th June, 2016 Written by Keith Tully

Most analysts are predicting that the UK’s decision to leave the EU will result in a period of significant economic uncertainty for the construction sector.

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Red Hot World Buffet Owner Heads for Administration

Friday 24th June, 2016 Written by Keith Tully

The owner of restaurant chain Red Hot World Buffet will be entering administration after becoming unable to pay its debts and satisfy creditors.

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Microsoft Accused of Avoiding £100m Worth of UK Taxes

Monday 20th June, 2016 Written by Keith Tully

Microsoft has been accused of avoiding UK taxes to the tune of around £100 million via deals it agreed with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) several years ago.

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Over a Quarter of British Farmers Still Undecided On Brexit Vote

Thursday 16th June, 2016 Written by Keith Tully

More than 25 per cent of British farmers remain undecided about whether or not the UK leaving the European Union would be good for their businesses & for the country’s agricultural industry as a whole

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England vs Wales at Euro 2016 – The Effect on Employees, Employers and the Economy

Tuesday 14th June, 2016 Written by Ayman Fazeli

With England vs Wales kicking off at 2pm on a workday, what effect will this have on the UK economy? And how can employees and employers approach this sporting dilemma?

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Mike Ashley Concedes to MPs Sports Direct Paid Staff Below Minimum Wage

Wednesday 8th June, 2016 Written by Keith Tully

Mike Ashley, founder of Sports Direct, has conceded to a committee of MPs in Westminster that his company was guilty of paying members of its workforce at a rate below the National Minimum Wage.

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Administrators Appointed at Scottish Oil & Gas Sector Services Group SeaEnergy

Tuesday 7th June, 2016 Written by Keith Tully

Administrators have been appointed to manage the affairs of a Scottish oil and gas sector services group called SeaEnergy after cash flow problems took their toll on its businesses and operations.

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Brexit Vote Blamed for Downturn in Orders Among British Businesses

Monday 6th June, 2016 Written by Keith Tully

Uncertainty created by the upcoming referendum on UK membership of the European Union has dragged down the level of ordering activity among British businesses in recent months.

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Flexibility on Both Sides Key to Business Productivity During Euro 2016, Says ACAS

Wednesday 1st June, 2016 Written by Keith Tully

Businesses and their employees should both be flexible in terms of how they aim to maintain productivity levels during the upcoming European football championships in France.

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Concerns Raised About New Entrants Into SME Lending Market

Monday 23rd May, 2016 Written by Keith Tully

Some new entrants into the UK’s market for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) loans and credit facilities are “as bad as payday lenders” in the consumer credit sector.

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