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Understanding company insolvency for directors

Licensed UK Insolvency Practitioners FREE Meeting for Company Directors

We can help with serious company debts, HMRC and creditor pressure, VAT/PAYE/Tax arrears, cash flow problems and raising finance.

RBR Video - General Insolvency

If you’re worried about the prospect of seeing your company become insolvent or you’ve already reached that point then it is very important to get the advice you need immediately.Watch the video below to find out more about the basics of insolvency. 


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If your company is suffering from financial distress such as serious cash-flow problems or the inability to pay its staff, the alarm bells should be ringing. But that isn’t to say there aren’t options available to you that can provide short-term respite and a long-term turnaround – particularly if the business itself is still viable.

These options can sound quite daunting; phrases such as insolvency, administration, company voluntary arrangements, liquidation and so forth can seem quite ambiguous and jargon-heavy. However, we offer all company directors a free face-to-face meeting with one of our licensed insolvency practitioners where you can discuss your company situation in a confidential setting with a business rescue expert who will explain all possible options available and help you make the right decision for your company

If you need reputable and qualified business advice from people you can trust, we can assure you that you’re in the most capable hands. Real Business Rescue provide director advice online, over the phone, or in-person at one of our 78 UK offices or a place of your convenience.