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An overview of the different liquidation processes available

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*Important* - Remember to Ask About Directors' Redundancy When Enquiring About Liquidation Options - Average Claim is £9,000

RBR Video - Understanding the various liquidation methods

If your company is facing financial distress then you may want to know more about subjects such as business liquidation and bankruptcy. These sorts of issues aren’t easy to address as a company director but with the right support from specialist advisers there are ways to overcome the worst of these difficulties and move forward with confidence. Click the video below for more detailed information. 


If your company is suffering from financial distress such as serious cash-flow problems or the inability to pay its staff, the alarm bells should be ringing. But that isn’t to say there aren’t options available to you that can provide short-term respite and a long-term turnaround – particularly if the business itself is still viable.

Liquidation is one solution that can either be positive or negative depending on the circumstances of the business. Are creditors threatening to put you out of business and force your company into compulsory liquidation? Are you looking for ways to halt this process? Or are you considering the possibility of winding up voluntarily? Regardless of the situation your company finds itself in, be reassured there is nothing our insolvency experts haven’t seen before, no matter how complex you feel it is.

If your business is in danger of being issued with a winding-up petition or has been served a statutory demand, the first thing you should do is contact an insolvency practitioner to discuss your case. Regardless of the scenario, it is essential to obtain advice as soon as possible as this will ensure that the range of options available are maximised.

We help companies of all sizes from large international firms to smaller businesses including start-ups, and offer a free consultation to all directors with financial concerns. With 75 offices stretching from Inverness down to Exeter, Real Business Rescue can offer unparalleled director advice across the UK.