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Corporate Restructuring: Can My Business Benefit from Company Administration

Our Company Administration Expertise

Updated: 5th February 2020

Corporate Restructuring & Administration

Company administration can provide the ideal environment to restructure an organisation when creditors are threatening legal action, or have already petitioned for the company’s winding up.

Crucially, the process offers a moratorium to focus on achieving a positive outcome rather than dealing with endless creditor pressure. Eligibility for this insolvency procedure requires the business to own assets of some value, and be able to predict cash flows with relative accuracy.

Professional assistance is needed to determine whether a business has entered insolvency, and to analyse its present financial position. Real Business Rescue has extensive experience of business rescue and restructure, and will work towards the best outcome for your business.

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Our specialist advisory boutique provides professional, partner-led support to all stakeholders.

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Using administration for corporate restructuring and financial turnaround

Real Business Rescue are corporate restructuring and administration specialists, and help businesses industry-wide to achieve their goals of returning to profitability. We adopt policies of streamlining and simplification to bring about change when market trends have evolved, or there is an evident need to scale down an enterprise to manage costs.

Saving a struggling company is not the end of our concerns, however. Rebuilding it for the future is a top priority, incorporating resilience against potential threats, and providing directors with a reliable road map to maintain stability and retake their company’s place as a major player in the market.

We achieve this by analysing the circumstances of your organisation’s decline, including the micro and macro environmental factors over which you have no control but that can damage your business beyond repair if you don’t seek professional intervention.

Preserving value whilst restructuring during administration

Preserving the value of an organisation in these uncertain times is also a primary concern. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders in this respect to ensure the new organisational and operational structure maintains its value.

Our team of experts at Real Business Rescue provide reliable independent advice and support for businesses in financial difficulty. We assist multinational corporations and owner-managed enterprises to restructure through company administration, ensuring they’re better able to manage cash flows, operate with increased liquidity, and avoid unplanned or excessive external financing.

Corporate debt restructuring can be achieved via various methods, with administration being only one. For a free same-day consultation on your best options please contact one of our team – we operate extensively around the UK so you’re never far away from professional assistance. Call us today on 0800 644 6080 for a free in-depth consultation.