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Notice of Distress Letter from HM Customs and Excise

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Updated: 5th February 2020

What happens after I have received a Notice of Distress letter?


“Notice of Distress. I have today levied distress at upon the goods and chattels listed in the inventory. Unless the outstanding amount is paid, together with all the costs, charges, expenses and fees of distress, the goods may be sold.”

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HMRC HM Customs Notice of Distress


This letter would not come out of the blue; it is the result of a longstanding battle by a creditor to recoup the debt owed. At this stage, a bailiff will normally leave you, the debtor, with a notice of seizure confirming what has occurred. The notice will include details of the debt due and the costs incurred to date, an inventory of the goods seized and often a walking possession agreement. No notice at all is required from the Magistrates’ bailiff or HMRC.