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What to do when you owe money to HMRC

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RBR Video - Dealing with HMRC debts and arrears

Dealing with HMRC and debt arrears involving VAT & PAYE taxes can become a serious problem and a major challenge for companies of all sizes. Click the video for an overview of how best to proceed when you’re company is struggling with debts owed to HMRC.  


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HMRC is the most common business creditor and for many company directors, it can be a daunting prospect dealing with them.  What is crucial to recognise is that if your company is late paying taxes or is unable to pay sums owed in full, it will alert HMRC that your company is experiencing financial difficulties and this can be the start of intense scrutiny from the taxman. The key to dealing with VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax arrears is understanding the solutions that are available for your struggling business.

To understand which option is best for your individual situation, you can talk confidentially and completely free of charge with one of our insolvency practitioners. It is always our priority to help you stay in business, so if anything can be done to satisfy HMRC, we will walk you through the solution.

One potential solution is the Time To Pay arrangement which is an agreement with HMRC that allows a company that cannot pay on the due date to make payments over a period it can afford. Where a Time To Pay arrangement is not appropriate and your company needs an extended period to make payment, we can talk you through other recovery options that are more suited to your circumstances.

It’s important to remember that HM Revenue & Customs will make every effort to get the money that is due to them and this can go as far as sending Enforcement Officers to seize assets of the company– so the worst thing you can do is put your head in the sand. We have vast experience in helping businesses who can’t afford to pay their taxes.

For more information you can arrange your free consultation with one of our insolvency practitioners in your local area and discuss your company debt concerns in a confidential manner.