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Real Business Rescue aims to help company directors who are finding difficulty in controlling their company debts.  We have a team of professionals who have seen pretty much all there is to see in terms of business problems.

The first obstacle we need to overcome is that you are not the only one. We have advised many company directors who own limited companies have been in the same situation. Did you know that over one million businesses in the UK are having problems paying their taxes every year or other finance related issues.

Many of the directors we help usually feel a large burden has been lifted and a sigh of relief as we look to show them the possible routes they can take with their company's future.  

As experienced professionals we will offer you the best solutions for your circumstances.  We have produced some FREE guides for you to download that may help give you a little more understanding on the various business rescue solutions that are available and different scenerios that could affect your business.

Again some company owners want to rescue their business and some would rather look at exit strategies.  Its a personal thing when it comes to your company's future and one that needs thorough discussion.

Either way we want to understand the background to your problems and help integrate a proper solution.

We specialise in advising limited Companies and Partnerships through rescue options such as company voluntary arrangements or CVA for short,  we also offer pre pack administrations and if looking at company liquidation options then we can service that as well.  

For those that may have received a winding up petition or are having issues with HMRC we can intervene in such matters even upto the 11th hour.  

If invoice finance is an option, it should be noted we work with over 50 Lenders that we can compare for you.

Once you Meet the Team or ring our FREE Directors Advice Helpline, you will understand why the advice we offer is so highly regarded.

Every day we help companies just like yours turn things around against seemingly impossible odds, regardless of your situation we can help. Find your nearest office today.