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Liquidation and Business Rescue Advice in Nottingham

"I’m Matthew Cluer, Regional Sales Director at Real Business Rescue. If you need advice on your personal or your company’s financial position, call me or one of my colleagues directly."

The Real Business Rescue Nottingham office is an important base for us in the Midlands and part of a network of office locations covering the whole of the UK. Our experts provide committed and confidential advice to company directors dealing with serious debts and ongoing financial challenges. 

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If you are a large corporation or global entity, the services offered by our advisory arm may be better placed to assist you. Our RBR Advisory team can determine workable solutions to preserve the value of your business, cut excessive costs and resolve creditor disputes.

We understand the range of issues involved in insolvency and our specialists are exceptionally well-placed to answer key questions with precision and find the best solutions to even the most serious of financial problems. Our services include restructuring options such as negotiating a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) as a legally-binding plan with your creditors which allows more time to manage debt repayment. 

If you are the owner of a solvent business and would like to explore closure options for your limited company, our team can provide assistance. One way of doing this is through a Member's Voluntary Liquidation (MVL). There are other options to close by liquidation if your company is struggling with insolvency, including through the procedure of a Creditor's Voluntary Liquidation. Our licensed insolvency practitioners are here to guide you through which route is the most suited to your unique situation.

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Whether you are thinking about closing your company, looking at your restructuring and refinancing options, or need advice on dealing with your creditors, your local Real Business Rescue office is here to help. Get in touch with your nearest office today on 0115 901 7893

From our Nottingham office we provide services to directors of companies large and small. When it comes to finding routes out of and beyond financial turbulence, Real Business Rescue has unrivalled capacity in terms of personnel and expertise.

Turning to an insolvency practitioner for assistance isn’t a position that any director likes to find themselves in but where there are no easy fixes or obvious solutions, doing so can make a tangible and important difference for the better.

Contact Matt and his team today and take the first step towards getting your company back on a solid financial footing. 

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