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“I’m Jason Ainge and I’m insolvency director at Real Business Rescue. Welcome to our Bradford office where my colleagues and I provide guidance and advice to companies facing financial distress and the prospect of insolvency.”

Real Business Rescue brings together a wealth of specialist skills and experience in support of companies whose financial positions have become precarious. We can support directors in their understanding of their recovery options and bring clarity on key issues in the context of either personal or corporate insolvency scenarios.

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There are no cases too large or too small for our experts to work on and we provide services via our network of offices that covers the length and breadth of the UK. When you are dealing with financial issues, whether personal or with your business, you should make it a priority to seek expert help and advice as a matter of urgency. No matter how bad you feel the situation is, there is a way out of these problems, and here at Real Business Rescue we are perfectly placed to help you.

If you make the step to reach out our licensed insolvency practitioners, they can provide support in easing creditor pressure and finding a solution. In some cases where it is possible to rescue the business, we have experience in procedures such as company administration and legally-binding debt repayment plans including a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA). 

Where it may not be deemed possible to rescue your business, there are still ways in which we can help you to proceed, including a Creditor's Voluntary Liquidation to close your insolvent company. Our team will provide specialist advice to ensure you meet your legal obligations as a director. 

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Don't Worry - There are thousands of other company directors going through the same process. No matter what position you are in and need looking for options, speak to a member of the Real Business Rescue team. It's Free & Confidential. Get in touch with your nearest office today on 01274 895 519

In addition to being a trusted provider of insolvency advice to sole traders and limited companies, we are also able to assist larger corporations with a range of specialist advisory options. A truly partner-led service, we will devise and execute a robust strategy to take your business to the next level. 

To speak to an insolvency expert contact us directly at our Bradford office to arrange an initial consultation. Alternatively you can reach out to any of our other offices across Yorkshire.

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