Insolvency practitioners and liquidators in Hull offering expert advice on all personal and corporate insolvency matters

Andrew MacKenzie
Andrew MacKenzie   View Profile
Insolvency Director
Hull Office
Tel: 01482 979 996 (Confidential Advice)

"I’m Andrew MacKenzie and I am a Partner with Real Business Rescue based at our offices in Hull. Give me a call directly if you need confidential advice relating to any aspect of corporate or personal insolvency processes."

Our offices in Hull lie in the heart of the city and they allow us to support company directors across the region. Our team is comprised of licensed insolvency practitioners, leading business rescue experts and highly experienced liquidators. We ensure company directors receive the advice and information they need under challenging operational and financial circumstances.

We provided clear and practical advice and guidance on a full range of issues relating to corporate finance and business recovery. We tailor our work to the individual needs of our clients and provide a personalised service that can make an important difference during difficult times.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with us at our Hull offices then feel free to contact us directly on 01482 979 996. We offer free initial consultations on a one-to-one basis between our experts and individual company directors in search of advice.

Our offices are only half a mile from the city’s main railway station and we are very easy to find.

We also have other offices across Yorkshire and Humberside that might be closer to your location.  

Halifax Office Managed by Peter Sargent
Doncaster Office Managed by Mike Jenkins
Sheffield Office Managed by  Gareth Rusling
York Office Managed by Mike Jenkins
Leeds Office Managed by Julian Pitts

Author: Keith Tully (Partner)

Hull Address
Unit 8B, Marina Court,
Castle Street,
Yorkshire ,

01482 979 996 (Confidential Advice)

Office Hours: 
Monday to Friday  09:00 - 17:30

Out of hours? 
You can still call 0800 644 6080

Real Business Rescue Hull

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